Rifle Deer Hunting

Rifle hunts are conducted from permanent blinds and if desired, hunters are welcome to bring their own portable blind or tree stand to move to another location which might not have a permanent blind setup. Hunters also have the options of what times they will hunting, during certain times of the year it might be wise to hunt all day. Trees have usually lost their leaves which allowes the hunter to see much farther. The guides will scout all blinds prior to your arrival and have several scenarios ready for the hunters. This is your hunt and we don't want to restrict people to the point they don't have fun and see animals. While your hunting, we'll be doing more scouting. The only time we're not scouting is when we're dragging deer. Rifle hunts fill up very fast each year so if you are interested please contact us as soon as possible.

Hunters are required by Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife to wear hunters orange at all time while they are in the field. Hunter orange must be solid, unbroken and visible from all sides on the head, back and chest (orange hat and vest will meet these requirements).

Hunters have enjoyed a high success rate for the rifle deer hunts over the past seven years with most hunters having an opportunity to shoot at a quality buck (8 point or better or a buck with a 16 inch or wider spread).

We recommend using a 30-06 or larger caliber rifle, the most important thing is you feel comfortable with your weapon of choice (Kentucky law states you can use any center fire rifle). Shot ranges will depend on the terrain but will generally range 100 yards or less. Some of the open fields offer longer shots and with the advantage of hunting from elevated blinds, hunters can see and shoot longer distances. All hunters choosing to hunt from any elevated blind (either your portable or our permanent) must wear a saftey belt at all times.