Archery Deer Hunting

Archery season in Kentucky is very long, starting in late September and running into January. Here at Silver Creek Outfitters we limit the number of hunts so as not to over hunt or over use the land. This is the only hunt which can be combined with a fall turkey hunt for the ultimate combo challenge. Blinds are setup near food plots or along main trails between bedding and feeding areas. Blinds are set within 20 to 30 yards from the trails to offer a short ethical kill shot. Hunters are welcome to bring portable ground blinds or tree stands in the event they would like to move within your area. Archery hunters have the chance to hunt these large deer before the muzzleloader and rifle hunters and during the rut which usually falls between the two seasons. Also, hunting after the muzzleloader and riftle seasons, the deer start moving more and earlier during the day which gives archery hunters longer hunting days to find that monster buck. With the long season, the archer has the opportunity to pick and choose from the dates indicated on our rates and dates page. While your in the field hunting, we're in the field scouting other stands to see which one offers the best chance at the big one. With the limited number of deer hunters allowed each year, some hunters might be the only person to hunt on certain properties. It is recommended that hunters wear full camo during the hunt in order to remain undetected when the deer are in close. Weather and cover will depend on what time of the season you plan your trip, check under the information menu for Trigg County weather just before you come.

Hunters are encouraged to use a bow with at least a 55 pound draw weight. It is stongly recommended hunters bring safety belts for tree stand hunting. In past years, clients have had good success with most hunters getting a quality shot a good buck. Success rate for archery deer kills will vary year to year. The average number of hunters who take a shot at a buck is much higher and buck fever always plays a roll in the miss. Like all our deer hunts, hunters should have the opportunity to shoot at a quality buck, but many will either miss or have equipment / user malfunction. Know your equipment and be aware of what your capable of doing. All hunters choosing to hunt from any elevated blind (either your portable or our permanent) must wear a saftey belt at all times.