Crossbow Deer Hunting

Crossbow seasons start after the regular rifle season and usually runs for 10 days. Hunters are allowed to use elevated blinds during this season which will offer greater visibility. Blinds will be setup to offer the hunter the best shot for a clean kill. Blinds are generally setup over looking food plots or on main trails between bedding and feeding areas. Being later in year, the deer tend to move earlier in the day giving hunters the opportunity to see more deer. The limited numbers of hunters in the field this time of year keeps the deer in a relaxed state. Hunters can wear camo clothing during crossbow season and are not requierd to wear hunter orange. The bucks are starting to feed more to gain their weight back they've been losing during during the breeding season. Any crossbows may be used as long as it has a working safety device.

Hunters have the options to sit all day or for any length of time they desire, first and last light are usually the best times. While your hunting the guides will be scouting our other blinds to see which one will offer the best opportunity. It is not uncommon for the hunters to move to differnet blinds several times during the hunt. Hunters are also welcome to bring their own portable blinds or tree stands in case they wish to move to another location where a permanent blind isn't setup. The leaves on the trees have fallen which gives the hunter a better chance of spotting the deer before they're right on top of you. Over the years we've had limited numbers of crossbow hunters, but the success rate is generally high with the average hunter having the opportunity to take a shot at a shooter buck. Don't forget, if you or your other hunting buddies don't have a crossbow, archery season is still open and offers the same reward. All hunters choosing to hunt from any elevated blind (either your portable or our permanent) must wear a saftey belt at all times.