Muzzleloader Deer Hunting

Muzzleloader hunters have the opportunity to hunt whitetail deer before the rifle hunters and also in a special late season towards the end of December. The late season offers the hunter a chance to get that smart old buck who always seems to hide at the first sign of hunter pressure. This time of year he becomes relaxed and goes back to his early fall routines.

The trees are generally starting to lose there leaves in the early season and the bucks are are either getting ready for the rut or in peek rut (fighting bucks are not uncommon during this season). During the late season, the deer are back to their normal feeding habits and with little hunting pressure, they tend to move more during daylight hours. The trees have all shed their leaves which makes it easier to see. Hunters will have the chance to hunt different blind locations like field edges, heavy timber, or food plots. Blinds are setup on all properties and hunters are welcome to bring their own portable blinds or tree stands in case they find another hunting location which doesn't have a blind. The guides will be checking out other blinds to determine which will offer the best chance for that evening or the next morning.

Hunters can use any type of muzzleloader including modern in-line rifles with optical scopes. Hunters are required by Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife to wear hunters orange at all time while they are in the field. Hunter orange must be solid, unbroken and visible from all sides on the head, back and chest (orange hat and vest will meet these requirements). Persons under 16 years old hunting deer with a firearm or muzzleloader must be accompanied by an adult. All hunters choosing to hunt from any elevated blind (either your portable or our permanent) must wear a saftey belt at all times.

Muzzleloader hunters have enjoyed good success rates over the years with almost all hunters having a shot at a buck. Most unsuccessful hunters during muzzleloader season who don't harvest a buck usually experience equipment failures such as misfires, so know your equipment and you'll be one of the lucky hunters.