After you book your hunt

Hunters can purchase their licenses when they arrive in Kentucky or to be safe you can call the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife or go on-line at (on-line store button) and buy them in advance. Visa and MasterCard only and a 6% credit card processing fee with be added to the total. To call in advance for licenses, please call the KY Dept. of Fish Wildlife Resources at: 1-877-598-2401

All hunters should arrive by 9:00 am the day before hunting. Hunters will be responsible for their accomodations at one of the local Trigg County hotels.

After you get settled in and comfortable, Silver Creek Outfitters will meet with you at 9:00am at your hotel or a predetermined location. If time permits, hunters will be taken out to the field to see where they will be hunting. All clients of Silver Creek Outfitters must read, sign and date a release waiver of liability. The following morning you will be met at the hotel two (2) hours before daylight. We will then escort you to the property you will be hunting on. A guide will be available throughout the day. At dusk, we will meet you at a designated pickup area and return you to your room. Hunters are responsible for thier own meals (there are plenty of resturant and fast food in town).